Egyptian Style Bracelet
This microwave radiation detection bracelet features ancient Egyptians, Ra and Anubis, on the inner and outer parts of the bracelet. The design also includes a Bioechem original logo. Click the link to view the item in Shop!
Bracelet Made for Recycled Material
The felt on this microwave radiation detection bracelet is made from recycled consumer-used plastic bottles. The elastic band features a Kokopelli and Sun design. Click the link to view the item in Shop!
Cloth and Polyester Bracelets
These bracelets are created to be able to detect radiation from microwaves. Simply place the bracelets near a source of microwave radiation and the light inside will shine. Place this bracelet near the crack of the door in a running microwave oven to see if radiation is leaking out!

Follow the link to see the bracelets in our shop!
Bio-Battery Powered Electronic Rose
The light in the center of this rose is powered by our unique BioBatteries. Simply connect the rose to the batteries, partially submerge the batteries in water and the light will begin to shine. Not available for purchase.

Follow link to learn more about our Bio-Batteries!
Biological Battery Powered Tree
This home decor item is made from a small artificial tree. On the tree are a series of lights, all powered by our biological battery! Unfortunately, this item not is currently available for sale.

Follow link to learn more about our Bio-Batteries!
Little Monsters
Kids will be able to learn AND play with our Little Monsters (containing our patented technology) that is able to detect electricity inside wires and powered electronic devices everywhere. When the antenna is placed near an electricity powered device, the light around its neck shines a bright red glow! Building the Little Monsters are part of our Summer STEM education program.

Follow the link to see Little Monsters in our shop!
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