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Our Patents

*US Patent Application NO.63/411,787 

Instant AI disruption technology in case of emergency from both software and hardware.


*US Patent Application NO.63/347,569 

Self-powered multi-functional (radar avoiding, jamming reducing and mobile/wearable) electromagnetic radiation receiver/transmitter hardware (e.g., satellite antennae)


*US Patent Application NO.63/331,831 

Onshore and in space unti-nuclear weapon defense system


*US Patent Application NO.63/271,701 

Biological battery reactor system in manufacturing metal oxide, generating electricity, and fixing CO2.

*US Patent Application NO.17/865,382 

CO2 fixation to dry ice with energy harvested from ambient environment for onsite fire and quenching.

*US Patent NO.11575171

Biological Battery and Biological Cathode Electrode

*US Patent NO.10658692

Analyzing microbial community using Spatial Analytical Microbial Imaging

We are open for licensing the technologies. Patent brokers are welcome! Please feel free to Email us. 

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