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STEM Education

K-12 STEM Education

BioEchem is pleased to support STEM education K-12. We provide a curriculum that includes a Biological Battery Kit for children ages 8-18 and free training for teachers and instructors.
We offer workshops, after-school curricula, and summer c
amps. Click here for our video!

Our curriculum focuses on sustainable energy, mechanical engineering, biology, chemistry, and water treatment, to name a few. We use the science and technology behind our products to construct lesson plans which are informative and engaging. Our goal is to excite students about the possibilities of future creations through STEM education.

Students from Artists For Humanity in Boston, MA visiting Bioechem on a field trip

Our Field Trips

In addition to a summer curriculum, our company offers summer field trips for children 5-17 years old currently enrolled in summer camps. We welcome all students to learn about the fundamental principles of engineering, biology, sustainability, radiation, and more. Students will be able to visit our lab and participate in engaging activities using our products. If you are interested in attending a field trip to our lab, please contact us directly. We can host groups of up to 15 kids. 

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Selected Students' Creations

The products shown here were created by students during our summer camp program



Bioechem is proud to offer paid internship opportunities to students who have accumulatively completed 3 or more programs with us. Students must be 16 years old or older to be eligible. 

Our programs help educate students in various concentrations of STEM to better prepare them for the demands that come with studying science, technology, engineering, or mathematics at top level universities.

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