sustainable, nontoxic, and affordable, with the potential to make an incredible impact globally.

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the cost of producing energy


50kg less CO2

is produced per kWh of electricity compared to traditional batteries.




Amount of toxic traditional batteries thrown away in the US every year

What the global battery market will be in 2019

Amount in tons of global platinum reserves being consumed each year


Our energy is not limited by weather, time of day, seasons, or geographical locations. Our battery is also incredibly safe to transport and dispose of.


It is affordable, renewable, low maintenance and incredibly easy to access.


Our highly unique bioenergy is environmentally friendly at it's core. It does not require any precious and heavy metals or harsh chemicals.


It can provide stable, long term, continuous power, supply energy to remote areas, apply to wastewater treatment processes and environmental remediation, and act as a backup for microgrids and small portable electronics.


Crisis Response
Water Treatment
Wastewater Treatment

A major problem many countries face is the treatment of wastewater. Our company believes that we can help provide a solution. The wastewater can be used to help provide power to our bio-batteries, which could then be used to assist in powering the treatment plant.

This not only provides the treatment plant with a source of sustainable energy, but also cuts energy costs and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. For a flow rate of 1,000,000 gallons per day and 365,000,000 gallons per year wastewater treatment plant, about 100.7 tons of carbon dioxide may be reduced in a year by using our technology.

Oxygen Sensor

An exciting potential application of our company's bio-batteries is to power an oxygen sensor. Our oxygen sensors would be used in remote locations where there is no nearby power source. Since our batteries can provide continuous power in any environment, they are ideal for remote applications. The main locations our technology is suitable for would be large, dry, forests, and mines. 

In mines, you need an oxygen center that will continuously despite not having light or an outside power source. Our oxygen sensors would be worn around the bicep of the user, if the light on sensor is on, it means that oxygen levels are suitable to breath. If the light turns off, there means there a lack of oxygen in the air.

This technology is also useful in large, dry forests. Knowing the oxygen levels in these environments gives the user an understanding of how dangerous a potential fire could be if oxygen levels are high.

Our Oxygen Sensor Prototype

Powered by Bio-Batteries

Oxygen Sensor Prototype