Eco-Green Solutions

About Us

BioEchem, LLC was founded in 2014. Since our founding, we have promoted the renewable energy, carbon  fixation, environment and health related projects. We aim to create sustainable solutions to solve world critical environmental and certain health concerns. Additionally, our company provides our patented microbial diagnosis tool and technology to support on going projects. We also provide the principle of our technologies as teaching tools for young students with an interest in STEM. It is our hope to inspire a younger generation to explore the potentials of environmental engineering and clean energy creation.

Dr. Zhang, Founder

Dr. Zhang is the founder and president of BioEchem, LLC. A National Science Foundation awardee, Dr. Zhang earned a grant for her work towards the microbial catalyst on cathode electrode. She was also awarded the Edson Grant Award for her work on the Spatial Analytical Microbial Imaging (SAMI) tool. Worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at UMass Amherst Microbiology Department and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) before founding BioEchem. Dr. Zhang completed PhD in CEE focusing on microbiology and related technology.