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Eco-Green Solutions

Dr. Zhang, Founder

Dr. Zhang is the founder and president of BioEchem, LLC. A National Science Foundation awardee, Dr. Zhang earned grants for her work towards the microbial catalyst on cathode electrode. She was awarded the Edson Grant Award for her work on the Spatial Analytical Microbial Imaging (SAMI) tool as well as NSF grant towards Microbial Fuel Cell cathode electrode and DOE grant towards Biological Microbattery. Worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at UMass Amherst Microbiology Department and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) before founding BioEchem. Dr. Zhang completed PhD in CEE focusing on microbiology, environmental and related engineering technologies. Till the end of 2022, She had filed and owned 7 major patents in multiple industries of renewable energy and sustainable technologies. 

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About Us

BioEchem, LLC was founded in 2014. Since our founding, we have promoted the renewable energy, carbon fixation, environment and sustainability related projects. We aim to create sustainable solutions to solve world critical environmental and certain health concerns. We provide consultant and technology/problem advice service. Please request here. So far we have obtained total of 7 applied and awarded patents. Additionally, our company provides our patented technologies to support on going educational projects. We have developed K12 STEM education kits based on our patented technologies of Biological Battery and microbial imaging analysis tool, Spatial Analytical Microbial Imaging. It is our hope to inspire a younger generation to explore and learn the potentials of fabulous science, math and engineering as well as upfront and innovative renewable, environmental and sustainable technologies.

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