Join us for a fun science and technology STEM camp to stimulate kids’ curiosity and interests in learning STEM. They will have eye open learning experience on learning and making new biological green batteries and engineer an electronic circuit with the biological batteries and an art Rose with LED light. Kids can see, learn, hands on, make, bring home and observe their own made biological green battery powered electronic Rose for a good memory, gift and fun.


Program offerings:

1. Kids will learn to make a few biological green batteries on their own.

2. Learn the knowledge about the functional benign microbes that power the green battery and look at image of them under microscope.

3. Learn to connect the biological green batteries electronic circuit with LED light and an artificial Rose and pot.

4. Learn to operate the electric rose powered by biological green batteries, take home the product and observe the change for a few days.



8 to 14


Time schedule for 2021:

Recuring weekly from 

May 25 to August 31 and 

Oct 20 to Dec.15

Each session is 4 days. From every Tuesday to Friday. Everyday is from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.





Daily Itinerary:

1:30 to 2:30 Learning principal of the functional benigh microbes, biological green batteries and electronic circuit.

2:30 to 2:40 pm break

2:40pm to 4:30 pm hands on practice of making their own "product"

4:30pm Finish


Remember to Bring:

Need to bring the kit of our program for participating the program.  The kit Can be ordred here.

Science and engineering STEM camp